Curve Appeal

Have you ever noticed at your favorite restaurant what sets it apart from home? Curves! Maybe you haven’t noticed this, but what sets most high end décor from the blasé is the incorporation of curved elements in the design. Who says you can’t take it with you—back home, that is! Adding curves to your home […]

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Wood Lumber Ohio

One tree may be very much like the next, but the same can’t really be said about the wood that comes from those trees. Lumber tends to fall into two categories – hardwoods and softwoods. When selecting wood or lumber in Ohio to create the look you want, it’s important to know a little about […]

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Hardwood Molding in Ohio

When you are building a new home or remodeling the one you’ve been living in for years, it is the finishing touches that make all the difference. One of the best ways to ensure that your home reaches its full potential is to include hardwood molding. If you are in Ohio, Rino’s Woodworking Shop, Inc. […]

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Exotic Hardwood Lumber Ohio

If you are in the market for exotic hardwood lumber in Ohio, then you know you won’t find what you need at your typical lumberyard. When only the finest exotic hardwoods will do, let Rino’s Woodworking Shop, Inc. find what you need. With our supply chain, we can deliver your exotic hardwood in no time. […]

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Millwork Shop Ohio

When it comes to setting your home or business apart from the rest, it comes down to the details. This is never truer than with millwork. What makes a good millwork shop? What sets one shop apart from the other? It is the pride of a job not only well done, but done to exacting […]

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Hardwood Suppliers Ohio

Searching for the best hardwood suppliers Ohio residents and business owners know means working with a reputable name such as Rino’s Woodworking Shop, Inc. It is important to work with experts who know about hardwood in order to get what you need. Not only that, but this is how you can get the best quality […]

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Hardwood Visual Characteristics

Finding the best when it comes to hardwood supply, Ohio residents know this means relying on Rino’s Woodworking Shop, Inc. Aside from just knowing about what type of wood you want, you should also know a little about who you are trusting in order to get the lumber you need. Working with a trustworthy and […]

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Installation Tips Wood Bar Rails

The time has come when you need to add the final touches to your bar by adding bar rail. Bar rails serve a few purposes. First off, they are something to rest your hands on when enjoying your bar. Secondly, they will give your bar the look that it deserves. When installing, there are some […]

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Tips for Installing Wood Bar Rail

Installing your wood bar rail does not have to be complicated, especially if you have a guide to follow. Keep in mind some of how you install it will depend on the style you choose. Most of the examples and tips you will find online are based on the Chicago style bar rail. Choosing your […]

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Best Wood for Bar Rail

Choosing the right aspects of every part of your bar is important. Aside from the final look, you also want something that will be durable and withstand the test of time. The bar rail, or bar rail molding, is the area where patrons lean or rest their arms, especially the elbows. This slightly unusual fit, […]

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What Is A Bar Rail?

If you want to build a bar, you have to take into consideration the many components that will go into its creation. Deciding which type of wood to use can be one of those decisions that will make the bar look great or not. Another thing that you must consider is the bar rail. If […]

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How Do I Build A Bar With A High Quality Bar Rail?

When you are looking to build a bar rail that really makes a difference in your bar, there are many factors to consider such as which woods or metal to use. The decision is basically up to you on how to make the rail look its best. You can make your bar have the look […]

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Local delivery

Local delivery or pick-up in the Cleveland, Ohio region.

Offering top-grade hardwoods

We use only FAS grade hardwood, also known as 1 & 2 Upper, yielding long, wide, clear cuttings. Our woods are suitable for highly visible, top quality hardwood applications such as moldings and furniture. Learn more about the types of wood we offer.