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Chair Rail

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Chair rails were originally used to provide a barrier to prevent damage from chair backs hitting against delicate plaster walls. Although damage to today’s strong walls isn’t of much concern, chair rail molding has remained a favorable accent to dining rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and even bedrooms, as well as commercial spaces like offices, restaurants, and event venues.

Chair rails are a great element to introduce into a room for added texture, color, and material. Different types of molding like a chair rail help add interest and character to an otherwise generic room. Our selection of chair rail molding includes various profiles and styles to suit your project. Every home or commercial space has a unique style, and our molding can accommodate that. Our molding profiles range from clean and simple suited for more modern spaces to elaborate and intricate for more traditional styles.

Choose your molding profile and wood species and input your specs to order online now! Your selections aren’t limited to what you see in the catalog. Our team can custom design and mill any profile or style to accommodate your project.