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Installation Tips Wood Bar Rails

The time has come when you need to add the final touches to your bar by adding bar rail. Bar rails serve a few purposes. First off, they are something to rest your hands on when enjoying your bar. Secondly, they will give your bar the look that it deserves.

installingWhen installing, there are some things to consider. One of those things is the placement of the rails. You’ll also need to consider a couple other things such as:

  • Locating on an angle
  • Installing without a lip
  • Installing with a lip

When you decide to install your rails on an angle, make sure and place them where they will be utilized. If you place them on an angle that is too far off, then it will be a challenge to use them without effort.

Now a lip for your bar serves the purpose of catching spills before they catch you. The last thing you need is to spill something on your bar only to have it flow onto your lap. When you add a lip, always be sure that the bar rail accents it.

On the other hand, you do not necessarily need a lip on your bar. Those with flat surfaces are called bull nose profiles. This gives off the look of a pub where it is less functional and more pleasing to the eyes. You need to place the bar rails evenly on the top when not going with a lip.

Corners are another concern when installing bar rails. You do not want your corners to look bad if the rest of your bar looks great. Here are some things to consider regarding the corners:

  • Hard angles
  • Soft corners

If you like the look of a hard-angled corner, then go with it, but you need to consider that hard-angles may not make your bar look as good as it can be. The decision is ultimately up to you, but when going with a hard-angle you may notice that it does not match the softness of the bar rail itself.

Now soft-corners look more pleasing as they are sanded and flush with the rails. There is usually a lot of work that goes into getting a sanded corner. You need to sand the corners down until they meet the rails. Another thing that you may need to do is stain them after sanding them.

These are some helpful tips on installing bar rails. The possibilities are endless as the ultimate look and feel of your new bar is up to you. You can choose from many different styles of wood and also how you want your corners to look.

Creating your dream bar can turn into an entertaining project. Once it is completed, you will be able to invite all of your friends and relatives over to enjoy it. Give them something to talk about when you showcase your new bar. You’ll be pleased with your rail installation.

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