Bar Molding – Custom Orders

Whenever you are doing any kind of project, you have two major choices. You can use the pre-made items that may or may not fit the bill of what you are looking for or you can demand only the best by custom ordering the exact bar molding that you want to have. If you would […]

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Mahogany Bar Rail: Where to Buy it, How to Care for it

Installing a beautiful mahogany bar rail is just the beginning rather than the end. You are not going to go through all of the hard work of making your choice and then just never go near it again. You create a home bar to use, hopefully to entertain friends and family and to enjoy quite […]

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Oak Curved Bar Rail Adds an Elegant Touch to Your Home Bar

A few decades ago, it was not all that uncommon to walk into someone’s home and find a bar, usually in the living room, rec room, or basement. This is something that for some reason seemed to go out of fashion for a while, but thankfully, home bars are once again back in vogue. These […]

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Great Home Bar Ideas for Entertaining at Home

These days, it is becoming quite costly to go out and have a fun evening, and a lot of people are finding that they are staying home a lot more often. Just because you stay home doesn’t have to mean that you can’t still have a great time. A lot of people are having their […]

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Mahogany Bar Rail Puts the Finishing Touch on Your Home Bar

Have you been thinking about adding a home bar to your entertainment room? Many people are doing that these days. It can be a lot of fun to entertain at home and a lot less expensive than going out, and when you have a beautiful entertainment area with a bar, you can have all of […]

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Oak Wood Bar Rail – The Perfect Finishing Touch

If you plan on doing any amount of entertaining at home, you have probably thought about adding a bar to your entertainment room. Not only is this something that is very functional, it also adds a lovely touch to the room, especially when it is built with the finest in hardwoods. And of course, you […]

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Using Bar Rail Molding to Finish Your Home Entertainment Area

When you are creating your home entertainment area, if you plan on doing a lot of entertaining, you really should consider adding a bar to the room. Not only does this add a touch of elegance to any room, it is also very functional and useful. When you have a bar in your home, you […]

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Caring for Your Mahogany Curved Bar Rail

Mahogany, at least as we know it these days, is actually a collective name for a number of species of hardwoods all having similar characteristics. They are hardwoods with straight grains and tend toward a reddish brown color. Most woods that are given the name darken with age and may look almost black in some lights. […]

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Do You Really Need a Bar Railing for Your Home Bar?

Many people may wonder if they really need a bar railing to install on their home bar. The simple answer is: it depends. If you like the look of an expertly finished and classy bar, then you do need one. If you want to keep things more simple and casual looking, then you may not […]

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How and Where to Find the Best Home Bar Designs to Follow

When you decide to add a home bar to your home, you might already have a vision in mind or you may need to find home bar designs to give you some inspiration. But where do you find these designs and what should you look for? Home Bars That You Have Admired Think about how […]

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Build a Bar with Mighty Mahogany

When it is time to build a bar, you have to make sure that you are choosing the right type of wood. Pine is a nice choice, a popular and easy to find wood. It tends to be the least expensive of the wood choices, but it is also typically a softer wood and may […]

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How to Design, Build, Install and Enjoy your Own Wooden Bar

There is something so very personal about building your own wood bar, but when you can honestly say that you not only built it, but designed and then installed it yourself, that is something that is truly special. From the very beginning of your vision to the moment you run your hand over the perfectly […]

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