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Crown molding can take a room from generic and plain to customized and upscale, but first you have to get high quality crown molding made from the best craftsmen around. Rino’s Woodworking offers quality, customized wood crown molding in a variety of different profiles to suit your unique project. In fact, you can browse our over 100 different profiles online and customize the modeling with your exact specifications.

Crown molding has always been used to add visual interest and ornamentation to interiors, but it turns out that the ancient Greeks first used crown molding as a way to divide large rooms into individual spaces by breaking up the ceilings. While crown molding is typically seen in more high end homes and commercial spaces, it’s making its way into properties of all sizes and prices because of its ability to transform a room. Keep your customers happy by keeping up with the latest trends in interior design, and follow through with those trends using the highest quality materials available.