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How Do I Build A Bar With A High Quality Bar Rail?

bar railWhen you are looking to build a bar rail that really makes a difference in your bar, there are many factors to consider such as which woods or metal to use. The decision is basically up to you on how to make the rail look its best. You can make your bar have the look of your favorite pub or give it that traditional home look, but using the right bar rail can be the only difference that it makes between a good bar and an amateur one.


When deciding what type of bar rail to build, you must take into consideration what type of wood that you will want to use. There are many different styles and varieties to choose from. Wooden rails can make all the difference in your bar. They are also more durable than other rails and are easy to keep clean.

Here are some of the different types of wood that you can use:

  • Cherry -- Cherry is one of those woods that brings out the vibrant colors and can make your bar rail look amazing. If you’re looking to make your bar traditional and stylish, then cherry is it.
  • Oak -- Oak is what most furniture is made from. It is really durable and can withstand the test of time. Oak is a great wood for making any bar rail look and feel amazing.
  • Maple -- Maple is such a beautiful wood that most people choose it for when they decide to make bar rails or any other type of piece. Maple is darker in color and can also be stained.
  • Mahogany -- Mahogany is one of the easier woods to work with due to its ability to be polished and stained. It is great for any builder who wants their bar to look its best.
  • Cedar -- The great thing about cedar is that it is bug resistant. If you decide to have an outside bar, then you may want to consider cedar for this factor alone. It will save your bar from bugs.

Other Considerations

You do not have to go with the basic types of woods for your bar rail if you feel that they will not make it look good. You may want to consider using metal instead as that is the easiest to keep clean and can also make your bar look great. If you are going to make the switch to metal, then here are some considerations:

  • Copper -- Copper has a very unique look with its hint of orange and brown. You may like copper because the metal does not become tarnished over time.
  • Brass -- Brass is a very bold metal that is strong and durable. The reason why most builders use it is because of its rich appeal.

When deciding to create a bar rail that not only looks great but is also functional, you have to consider using either metal or wood.

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