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What Is A Bar Rail?

bar railIf you want to build a bar, you have to take into consideration the many components that will go into its creation. Deciding which type of wood to use can be one of those decisions that will make the bar look great or not. Another thing that you must consider is the bar rail. If you have never heard of it before, you should research your options for them because every bar needs a bar rail.

Defining the Bar Rail

You may want to know the function of a bar rail. That’s a good question because many people are not aware of what they are. A bar rail is the longer rail that hangs directly below the top of a bar. The purpose of it is to make a bar look complete and also someplace to hang your purse or jacket when visiting your favorite pub.

How to Build a Bar Rail

If you are looking to install your very own, then you will need the essential materials to create it. The three main materials that you will need are:

  • Brackets
  • End Caps
  • Tubing

These three items are the essential ingredients when building a nice looking bar rail. But the next step after choosing those is to put the ingredients together.

Putting the Components Together

The last step before sitting down at you bar to have a drink is to put the pieces together. There are many ways of doing this, but here is the basic way as it is the most easiest and simplest of tasks. Here are the tasks:

  • Measure -- You are going to have to measure. You will want to measure from each side of the rail with a little overhang for the end caps.
  • Brackets -- After you have measured the bar, your next step is installing the brackets. You must decide if you are going to do the top of the bar rail first or the foot rail. Either way you have to install the brackets so that something is able to hold the bar rail up.
  • End Caps -- Your final and last step is putting the end caps on the bar rail. This is very easy to complete as all you need to do is secure the caps onto the end of the rails. You can decide how you want them fastened as they can be glued or screwed in.

Read what type of wood makes a good bar rail, installation tips and more in our blog.

Now you can sit and relax with your friends while entertaining them with your new bar. They will be amazed at your bar. Building a bar is a great decision for anyone who likes to entertain or just likes to relax with a cold drink after a long day.

Now that you know what a bar rail is and exactly the function of one is, you may want to use a bar rail on your bar if it doesn’t have one on there yet. It will make a great addition to your bar and also make it look just like your favorite pub’s bar.

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