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Best Wood for Bar Rail

Choosing the right aspects of every part of your bar is important. Aside from the final look, you also want something that will be durable and withstand the test of time. The bar rail, or bar rail molding, is the area where patrons lean or rest their arms, especially the elbows. This slightly unusual fit, though, means getting the right fitted piece is a necessity.

It also means making sure you are making the appropriate wood choice for your bar rail. The good news is that once cut to fit, this is an easy piece for a contractor to put into place. Even if you are making your bar a DIY project, this is one of the easier pieces to fit into place.

You also will need to choose an end cap design. This is the piece that finishes off the end of the bar so the rough edging and the seam are not left exposed. Some of the most popular choices for the best wood include:

... Just to name a few

Any of these choices would add a rich and appealing look to your bar rail. Aside from the look of the wood, another great way to help make your bar rail stand out is the style you choose. There are different looks you can choose from, and these will impact the final look of your home bar.

When making choices for your bar, consider function as well as look. Some bar rail designs may look great but may not be ideal for actual use. The idea is to create an inviting and comfortable space for you and your friends to enjoy.

Another choice you will need to make is whether you want to work with pre-finished or unfinished wood when you construct your bar.

Unfinished wood means you will need to finish it yourself, but this gives you the widest variety of options. Aside from having more wood choices you can choose the finish which ultimately gives you a more personalized/customized look.

mahogany-bar-railPre-finished means there is less work to do but also fewer choices to be able to make about the type of wood, the stain and finish and other details. This does however, take out some of the steps that require a certain level of expertise, experience and tools. Choosing pre-finished wood also will save you some time.

Majority of homeowners who install their own bar, like to work with the unfinished wood though because it gives them more choices. Eventually, over time, once your bar gets plenty of use you will need to refinish it. So learning to finish the bar is an important step to take which means you may want to choose unfinished wood.

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