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Hardwood Suppliers Ohio

Searching for the best hardwood suppliers Ohio residents and business owners know means working with a reputable name such as Rino’s Woodworking Shop, Inc. It is important to work with experts who know about hardwood in order to get what you need. Not only that, but this is how you can get the best quality in hardwood for all of your interior design components to get the job done.

So whether you are a professional contractor or someone who wants to tackle a single DIY project, make sure you choose the best quality for your project. This also means understanding your options among the different type of hardwoods.Hardwood Suppliers Ohio

  • Red Oak -- Oak trees have always been used for everything from furniture and flooring to railroad ties. Oaks are the most abundant growing trees in the U.S. and red oak more so than white. This type of oak is straight-grained with a coarse texture. It is called red oak due to its slightly salmon pink color.
  • White Oak -- This type of oak is impervious to liquids, which has always made it a popular choice for things such as barrels and even boats. More than 15 percent of the commercial hardwoods in the U.S. are white oak. This oak is similar to red oak except that it has longer rays and the color ranges from light to light and dark brown. Low in stiffness, this wood still is very wear-resistant.
  • Poplar -- Part of the magnolia family, poplar trees grow taller than any other in the U.S. -- as high as 150 feet. Poplar also makes up more than 11percent of the commercial hardwoods available. Poplar is a good choice for anyone looking for a straight-grained, uniform texture. It also is known for being stable and strong as well as being shock resistant.
  • White Maple -- The white maple tree is actually also popular for its sap, which is used to make maple syrup and makes up only four percent of commercial hardwoods in U.S. It is hard and heavy and known for its strength.
  • Cherry -- Cherry is highly sought after but still only makes up less than four percent of the commercial U.S. hardwoods. Cherry is known for its reddish hue, which actually becomes richer with age except for its sapwood, which is more of a creamy white. Although it only has medium strength, it is known for being shock resistant.
  • Mahogany -- Mahogany is a close grained wood choice that is also resistant to termites. It grows in southern Mexico and Brazil and is an excellent wood choice to work with for a variety of projects. It is stable and resistant to decay.
  • Spanish Cedar -- Aside from the attractive look, cedar is popular for its scent. Its durability makes it an excellent choice for exterior projects as well as interior.

For your next project for your home or business, why not consider using any one of these high quality hardwoods? Most importantly, choose wisely for your hardwood suppliers Ohio has to offer. Rino’s Woodworking Shop, Inc. is known for its quality lumber and finished products as well as expertise.

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