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Casing has long been used to frame windows and doors to give them a more finished look while also adding in a decorative element to a home or building. Casing for windows and doors, often called trim, is typically matched to the other molding styles in the home or building for a cohesive look. Casing on the outside of a house or building is often selected according to the style of the building itself. If you’re struggling to find the right profile to match, browse our over 100 different profiles to find the right one.

Every client has a unique style in mind and it’s up to you to deliver the best finished product. Rino’s Woodworking offers quality, customized wood casing in a variety of different profiles and styles to suit your project or clients. From sleek and simple to ornate and detailed, we have what you’re looking for! In fact, you can browse our extensive collection of different profiles online and customize the molding with your exact specifications.