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Build a Bar with Mighty Mahogany

When it is time to build a bar, you have to make sure that you are choosing the right type of wood. Pine is a nice choice, a popular and easy to find wood. It tends to be the least expensive of the wood choices, but it is also typically a softer wood and may have a number of flaws. Mahogany is a nicer, higher grade of wood and may be the better choice to consider when you are building your bar.

Before you make your choice for mahogany to build a bar with, it perhaps a good idea to get a little bit of history about this most prized and attractive wood choice. The term mahogany may be used to refer to a number of dark wood varieties other than the species that are truly mahogany woods. In the United States, a Native American species of the wood stood in for the West Indian and Cuban mahoganies that had been in use for cabinetry and other furniture making.

All mahogany that is used today is specially grown on plantations in select Asian countries, most notably the countries of India, Fiji, Bangladesh and Indonesia. The tree species is endangered in the United States, and there has been a restriction on its use since the 1990s. A member of the mahogany family is the national tree of both the Dominican Republic and Belize.

People choose to use mahogany to make musical instruments or to build bars because it typically has a nice, straight grain and tends to be free from defects such as voids and pockets that can potentially weaken the wood or the item built with the wood. Most mahogany is a nice reddish brown that will usually darken with age. It’s a durable wood when treated well.

There are other woods to choose from when you build a bar, but mahogany has a number of benefits making it a good choice to make. You might enjoy the color it has or the warmth it exudes. It might be the fact that it is one of the more durable and long lasting of all of the wood choices, well worth the initial investment. It might be the rich history or the fact that making this bold, this strong a choice gives your wood bar that much more class and panache right from the very start.

No matter what makes you choose it, you can be assured that the mahogany bar that you choose from Rino’s Woodworking will be top, high quality wood that complies with all standards and is expertly and painstakingly cut for your specifications.

Whether you are choosing a standard size for your bar or have something a little more unique in mind, you will be pleased with the results from the moment you get the raw, freshly cut wood to the first time that you and your friends belly up to your own home bar and lift a toast to the mighty mahogany and all of her red-brown glory.

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