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Mahogany Bar Rail: Where to Buy it, How to Care for it

Installing a mahogany-bar-railbeautiful mahogany bar rail is just the beginning rather than the end. You are not going to go through all of the hard work of making your choice and then just never go near it again. You create a home bar to use, hopefully to entertain friends and family and to enjoy quite frequently. While you put a lot of work and care into building it and it is common to have some tension at first, you should be able to relax at least a little bit. Your mahogany bar railing is not made of spider web; it is actually far more durable than you would think.

Mahogany, a very popular choice for such projects, is a term used for a number of different hardwood species and these days, refers to the color of the wood rather than the type of tree it is harvested from.

With proper care, your mahogany bar rail will last for many, many years and will remain a gleaming, beautiful addition to the home bar throughout the entire time. And while it is a hardwood, prized for its durability, it can be damaged if handled incorrectly.

For the day-to-day upkeep of your mahogany bar rail, all that you need is a few swipes with a soft cloth to keep the dust, dirt and grime off of it. Keeping it clean is one of the fastest and easiest ways to protect the surface from major damages. About once a month, a slightly deeper cleaning process should be done, which includes gently stripping all of the old surface wax from your bar railing and then reapplying a very thin layer of new wax to protect the surface. Buff this new wax to the desired sheen and shine and then step back and admire how beautiful that mahogany bar rail is this year, next year and in the coming decades.

If you notice any damages to the bar rail, do not panic. For the most part, minor imperfections and problems are easy enough to handle.

• For small scratches, for instance, sand away the rougher edges, and then use a small paintbrush to gently remove all of the dust from the area. Use a wood marker and cover the scratched area or barring that, you can use a child’s wax crayon in the perfect shade to accomplish the same effect.

• For a deeper scratch, you might have to fill in the ridged area, which can be done by slipping furniture wax into the groove and then smoothing it into place.

• For larger areas of damage or other types of damages, it might be necessary to consult a professional who can suggest the best way to handle the problem.

Never attempt a major repair that is beyond your own abilities or you might end up having to replace your mahogany bar rail before you planned to do so.

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