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Hardwood Molding

Hardwood molding is used in a wide range of applications including home construction and furniture design and hardwoods can be found in flooring, decorative touches around the home, and even cooking and the utensils used to stir your food.

Hardwood molding contrasts with softwood molding because it's denser than softwood but there is a wide variation in the actual hardness of the wood in both categories of wood moldings. Hardwood may not always be a harder material but when choosing hardwood for moldings it's usually best to choose woods like Oak or Maple due to the fact that it will stand the test of time better than softwoods like Pine. Balsa wood for example is actually considered a hardwood but you would never use this soft, light wood for a molding project.

Hardwoods are usually harvested from flowering trees that contain millions of tightly packed, water conducting cells that usually don't occur in softwood trees. Wood is composed of the dead cells of a tree trunk. Did you realize this? The weight and hardness of the wood is usually affected by the density of these cells called tracheids or vessel elements, as well as the amount of lignin and air spaces within the tracheid walls.

There is no actual weight requirement to be labeled a hardwood but, hardwoods can be subdivided into "medium heavy," "heavy," "very heavy," and woods that actually sink in water called "ironwoods."

Types of hardwood molding that we carry include Red Oak, White Oak, White Maple, Mahogany and Cherry. We can special order many other exotic types - just call us and ask.

Selecting the perfect hardwood molding

There are many uses for hardwood moldings and many species to choose from. Depending on the specific need, there are a lot of factors to consider, including: density, pore size, wood grain, growth pattern, flexibility and the wood's ability to bend. The exact wood that you choose will influence the overall beauty and durability of the final product as well.

Wood molding (or sometimes called wood trim) can add style and character to a home or piece of fine furniture. It can be used to cover gaps and imperfactions in home constructions as well as protect the wall's integrity, reduce wall damage, reduce drafts and hide minor flaws and construction problems.

The concept of molding (or moulding) has been used for centuries. (Learn more about why we spell it molding and not moulding here) In modern day applications wood molding can be used around the home on the ceiling as crown molding, along the floor as baseboard molding, or even in between as a chair rail. Doorways and windows are surrounded by molding inside and out and sometimes the casing for your fireplace can be created using several layers of molding to create a fancy, custom appearance. There are hundreds of options and styles to choose from that will highly influence the overall style of a room or project.

Hardwood molding styles are usually referred to as "molding profiles" and we have many to choose from. Download our hardwood molding catalog here or shop for molding online. Rino's Woodworking staff is always available to help you make the right choice if you need some guidance. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

Installing hardwood molding

There are actually two ways to install hardwood molding in your home. You can use the method that is traditionally used in many homes that requires cutting a fitting the wood using a mitre saw. You can also consider the corner block method which allows you to install the wood without making complicated cuts.

Each molding is a unique design of fine craftsmanship precision cut from the finest wood. Combining moldings and colors will bring your home or project to life. From the most basic chair rails to an elegant selection of crown moldings, you'll find the perfect wood molding at the right price at Rino's. You can complete your order right now and we'll personally pack and ship to your location in the lengths that you desire. Personal service, large selection and a dedication to the highest quality products and craftsmanship is what separates us from the pack.

Local delivery

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Offering top-grade hardwoods

We use only FAS grade hardwood, also known as 1 & 2 Upper, yielding long, wide, clear cuttings. Our woods are suitable for highly visible, top quality hardwood applications such as moldings and furniture. Learn more about the types of wood we offer.