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Wood Molding

wood_moldingWood molding is used in residential and commercial applications in a wide range of woodworking and home construction projects. It can be as simple as a 1x4 inch piece of pine wood used for base board or as elaborate as crown molding used as a decorative touch to complete the look of a room. Molding can be used indoors or outdoors for wood window casings and doorways and provides an added barrier to the frame of a structure. Trim wood molding can be used for chair rails around an elegant room or to finish fine furnishings such as a bookcase, cabinetry, to dress up a plain door, as a fireplace surround or mantle  and many other applications.

Homeowners, as well as home builders, are looking for that extra something to make homes stand out. For many of them, the answer is in the high quality wood molding from Rino's Woodworking—the trim details that turn basic structures and rooms into jewels.

The styles and designs of wood molding vary depending on the application intended. Typically it is purchased in predesigned strips of milled lumber. Custom millwork is also an option. Molding is typically purchased by the linear foot which ranges from 4 foot to 16 linear foot of molding.  Molding can be purchased ready to stain, primed and ready to paint, or are prefinished and ready to install.

Wood molding pieces can be cut to specific width and length for the molding project. They should be stored in humidity controlled areas and placed on a flat level surface.  The joints required for installation are usually simple butts, miters, and copes, and the same basic installation steps apply to all trim work.

The styles of wood molding vary. A contemporary style of architecture would suggest clean, geometric lines. A more traditional structure will require sweeping profiles with more lines in the molding design.  Curved wood molding can be used to frame a curved entrance way or doorway.  Some types may also be steamed and bent to be used for special applications.

Wood crown molding can be purchased in a wide array of sizes and designs. It may be plain or it may contain intricate designs, with abstract lines and cut images of leaves and other plant parts being the most commonly found in the molding. Wood crown molding made from softwood such as poplar or more hard wood such as Red Oak, White Oak or Mahogany.

Wood baseboard molding is the wood trim that runs along the bottom of interior walls. This wood trim decoratively fills in the area where the wall and floor join. Baseboard molding is available in a variety of woods and styles. Pine, fir, and oak are common woods used for baseboard molding, but many other types of wood including ash, cherry, bamboo and cypress are also used.

Whether it’s a do it yourself project or you are hiring an installer or woodworker to do finish work, wood molding will be the element that gives visual appeal to create the finishing touch of the exterior and interior decor. As we always say, if you can dream it, we will build it - or at least provide you with the best materials available to get the job done right.

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