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Mahogany Wood and African Mahogany – Appearance and Ability

Mahogany Wood African MahoganyMahogany is a well-known name in the world of woodworking for furniture, flooring, cabinetry and other wood building design, construction and projects. Builders and woodworking enthusiasts enjoy using mahogany because of its attractive grain design, especially once sanded down. The intricate art of scrolling design work, pairs well with mahogany as the wood does not bend, break or tear easily during the process. The finished look of mahogany, once sanded, stained and polished is a stunning glossy look.

Generally, mahogany wood is known as a hard, rich and warm reddish-brown wood. When used for woodworking projects, such as furniture building, mahogany is regarded as a sturdy, durable material that creates high-quality, long-lasting pieces. Not only that, but mahogany wood is considered easy to work with during construction with hand or power tools, making it a versatile material for different types of projects.

Mahogany can come in at a slightly higher price range than some other durable woods, but the overall look, ability of ease for working with it and rich, attractive look make it well worth the price. Even with mahogany being a little pricier than other woods, it is in high demand and can be more challenging to obtain. Also, the fact that mahogany is one of the most resistant to insects, makes it a popular choice for doors or areas in or near outdoor applications. Mahogany's density and heaviness make it a good option for doors as it helps reduce outside noise.

African Mahogany

Mahogany is actually native to the Amazon but comes from other areas and is exported around the world for wood construction, flooring, furniture and other products. Though it comes from Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rico, Brazil and Honduras, African Mahogany is some of the most stunning and sought after genre of mahogany.

African Mahogany is also commonly referred to as Khaya, Ghana, Nigerian and Ivory Coast mahogany. The trees can reach heights of at least 150 feet and are used for a wide variety of woodworking projects for the home and other functions. Aside from flooring, cabinetry, home bars and other household construction, African mahogany is commonly used for desks, boats, musical instruments and even pool cues.

African Mahogany Versus Standard Mahogany Wood

Many traits of African Mahogany closely mirror classic mahogany wood. Like all mahogany woods, the downfall can be the lack of ability to bend easily. On the up side, like standard mahogany it stains and polishes to a beautiful finish. The basic look of African Mahogany wood resembles true mahogany and is popular for cabinet, furniture and boat building. African Mahogany ranges in reddish-brown hues from light to dark and the grain can range from straight to a more intricate interlocked grain pattern.

The appeal of African Mahogany wood is that it has beauty and brawn. In other words, it is a strong and sturdy wood to create durable products, but manages to be stunning in the finish as well. Though it is perceived as slightly more challenging to work with as true mahogany, it is still a popular choice of wood.

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