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Why Use Mahogany Veneer?

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Veneer, by definition, is a thin layer of quality wood applied to, or used to cover, another type of wood. This is a common use, or is often referred to, for plywood or a protective layer for fine furniture or cabinetry. Usually, a wood known for its beauty and fine grain detail, such as mahogany, is used.

A Bit About Mahogany Wood

Mahogany is a popular choice in the world of woodworking for furniture, cabinetry and other wood building design and construction. Once sanded, stained and polished, mahogany's natural grain is exposed. The beauty of the grain is part of what makes mahogany such a sought after selection for both use as lumber and mahogany veneer. Aside from veneers, mahogany is also a favorite material for scrolling because this durable wood is known for its resistance to breaking, bending or tearing during the process.

Mahogany wood is known as a hard, rich and warm reddish-brown wood and makes an excellent choice for mahogany veneers. As a material for woodworking projects, such as cabinet making, mahogany is regarded as a sturdy, durable material that creates high-quality, long-lasting finished products.

Mahogany can come in at a more elevated cost than some other durable woods which is why some people opt for mahogany veneer. With a mahogany veneer, one still gets the look of mahogany at a more cost efficient rate. True mahogany is still one of the most “in demand” woods, regardless of its higher price tag.

About Mahogany Veneer

Mahogany veneers are commonly selected because of their strength, stability, attractiveness, smoothness and durability. As mentioned, veneers are popular because of their ability to create a look without the cost. Working with mahogany can end up costing more than when working with some other woods, which makes mahogany veneer a great alternative when and where it can be used. Also, because demand is high for mahogany, and supply may not also meet the need, veneer can be an option.

The selections of veneer range in size, stain and hue. There are also options as far as the type of veneer one uses. A raw mahogany veneer, for example, has finish on the front and back so that both sides expose a classic, beautiful mahogany finish. This, obviously, is a good choice for anything that will be easy to see both sides, such as many types of furniture pieces. Other types of mahogany veneers only show the intricate grain on one side, but these styles are often more durable than raw veneers.

Where to Use Veneer

Mahogany veneer can be bought to use for DIY (do it yourself) projects from woodworking stores or big box home improvement stores or one can buy products already constructed from this material, such as furniture. It can be bought as plywood for cabinets, as just one example.

In fact, mahogany veneer is beginning to gain popularity within the “going green” community as concerns for logging make many consumers look for a more earth-friendly option. Mahogany veneer is a budget conscious, easy to obtain and Eco-friendly alternative to true mahogany wood.

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