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The Beauty of Mahogany Plywood

Mahogany PlywoodWhen discussing mahogany plywood, it is a good idea to know a little bit about what both are. First, you should know a little about mahogany. One of the appeals of this type of wood is that it gets its dark, rich color with age. Though this wood starts of darker than many other woods, products made from this reddish brown wood become more defined with age. African mahogany ranges from light to dark in color.

Generally, it is close grained and straight grained though the detailing may vary from curly to wavy, as well. Another reason it is a popular choice for making products with is its resistance to termites and decay. It is also described as having a fine to course, uniform texture. It is also usually middle of the road when it comes to weight, strength and hardness. This makes it a great, stable wood to work with, too. For making furniture, mahogany does well with being worked. That includes cutting, sanding, shaping and gluing, which are also reasons mahogany plywood does so well. It also finishes well, even if some minor fill work is required to do so.

What Is Plywood?

Plywood is best summed up as layers of other wood pressed and glued together, which gives it greater strength. Therefore, it is a manufactured wood product. Plywood can be a more cost effective alternative to real wood but is also great as a building material because of its ability to resist cracking, warping and shrinking. Plywood is most commonly used as a construction material that comes in sheets and is usually sold in sheets of either four or eight foot lengths.

Then, What Is Mahogany Plywood?

So, when it comes to picking an attractive plywood for your needs, one with a mahogany veneer could be your best option. Mahogany plywood is good for making attractive shelves. You can leave it natural or stain it, and because mahogany is known for its rich color and detail, leaving it natural is a a pleasant looking alternative.

Marine grade plywood this can be an excellent choice for making boats. In fact, when building anything with mahogany plywood that may be curved, marine grade is the best choice as opposed to exterior grade. The marine grade tends to bend without cracking and with more uniformity than exterior grade. Of course, mahogany is resistant to fungi and molds, and this is another reason it is good for building water crafts.

One thing to be safe about when selecting where to acquire your mahogany plywood is to be careful about counterfeit materials. Because there is no labeling standard, this is something to watch for when buying mahogany plywood. Grading for plywood is determined by the manufacturer, not by any law or governing body, so grade A plywood from one factory may be much less superior in quality from one manufacturer to another.

In Summary

For you building needs, you might want to consider using an attractive choice. Whether you want to build shelving for your home or a boat to take on the water, you can be certain mahogany plywood will be an excellent selection for you.

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