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Wood for the Home Bar Design

Home Bar DesignWhen creating a home bar design, it is important to take into account the best choices for home bar wood selection. What the living room is for the home as a family meeting place, the home bar is for the house as a meeting place for the adults to come together. Having a home bar can be about a look, an appeal or a functional space to recreate the ambiance of a pub without the crowds or worrying about having a drink and being on the road. Just like a bar one might frequent, there are many different options for the look and feel when designing a home bar, including the wood options.

Wood Selection for Home Bar Design

The first obvious thing to take into consideration is that the wood should be quality, high standard wood for a durable and long lasting addition to the home. The other decision that can affect the type of wood chosen for a home bar is whether the bar will be indoors or outdoors. Either way, it is a good idea to know a little bit about the types of wood available for creating a home pub.

Mahogany - A popular choice with builders as it is easy to work with, has a great grain design once sanded down and is easy and attractive to use as a scrolling (intricate design work for decorative pieces) wood. For a home bar design, mahogany is often used because of its glossy shine once stained and polished. The downside to using mahogany for the in-house pub is that it can end up being pricey and more difficult to acquire, so it can just depend on the size of the construction.

Cherry - This wood is often used for furniture and home decor because of its rich, warm, beautiful look. In fact, cherry is known for its ability to not only age well but become even more attractive over time due to its patina development. Cherry is also very durable, as long as a high quality is used. That means the “built to last” cherry selections of wood for the home bar design may end up costing more, but is worth the added investment.

Spanish Cedar - This wood can be one of the best choices for home bar wood selection, especially for patio areas or outdoors due to its resistance to bug damage. Like Mahogany, Spanish Cedar is often used for home bar design because of its beauty, durability and ability to be easier to work with. This is also an extremely favored selection for creating humidors.

Other Wood Choices for Home Bar Wood Selection

In addition to those already mentioned White Maple and Red or White Oak are good options for putting together a look and feel for a home-based pub. Keep in mind, Rino's Woodworking Shop, Inc offers custom molding in these woods that create the perfect, luxurious look to any in-house pub. The best choices for home bar wood selection should also include the details, like molding, that will help make the most of an individual home bar design.

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