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What Does Bar Wood Actually Say?

Bar WoodWhen you are building a bar in your home, you choose the design and the materials with a certain finished look in mind. For most people, a bar is not just some hidden corner that is just there to take up space. Building a home bar is usually a choice made by those who are interested in entertaining friends, business associates and others. And, that bar can be the difference between a good house and a great one when it comes to selling it, even in a tough real estate market. But, of all of the things that you can add or leave out in your bar’s design, the bar wood that you choose might be among the top five most important.

When people walk up to your bar, the very first thing they are going to notice, unless you have a neon naked girl lamp behind there, is the wood that was used to build the bar. It will invite them to come and sit down or it will just lay there, lifeless and not really adding any personality to the area. The wood that you use for that part of the bar can either make or break your design.

For a bar’s design to really be effective, the wood that you choose has to fit in with the design exactly, with some allowances for expense and budgeting, of course. For instance, you can use a bar design that uses a lesser quality wood that has high durability and acceptable appearance for the base, especially if you will be staining or covering this part in any way, but the top of the bar, the actual part that will be the most visible, will have to be of a higher quality type of wood.

Considering how important the surface of your bar is to a bar’s overall design, there are several things that you must keep in mind when choosing yours. First, are you going to settle for a bar design that is pre-made and pre-cut? If you have a shape and size that is typical, you may have several options available, with different types of wood and different price ranges. But if your bar is a bigger or smaller design or features some clever turns that are unique only to your own vision, you will have to have this as well as other parts cut exclusively for you. That might raise the price slightly, but it will be the difference between a home bar that is just okay and one that is beyond fabulous.

Every wood in the world has its pros and cons, and it is only the ill informed people in the world who think that wood is wood. That is the advantage to having Rino’s Woodworking help you choose the right type of wood for your home bar and help you get the exact right design.

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