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Bar Molding: Enhancing Your Bar

Bar molding is one of the most popular ways of to enhance the appearance of your home bar. Bar molding generally refers to the different types of single-piece moldings that can be installed at an angle around the bar top. The moldings create a profile that projects out to make the bar top more comfortable and to give the bar top a more rich appearance.

As the name suggests, bar molding acts as an ornamental capping for your bar top. However, this ornamental capping can also be put on other bar features such as walls, cabinets, and built-in features. If the bar molding and similar molding is used throughout the bar it will then create a spectacular architectural element. Adding decorative bar molding to rather simple bar features adds a certain character that the bar would not have otherwise. Many intricate looking bar molding profiles consist of a series of simple moldings installed together to achieve a custom finished appearance.

To achieve this custom finished appearance consider one of our many bar molding styles. We have a wide variety of styles available, however, you might have a difficult time choosing from all of our different options. The good news is we have highly experienced sales staff that has been in the business of creating quality custom wood finishes for over 30 years. For instance, for the bar top, you can create a sense of drama and elegance by selecting ornately detailed molding. Use certain styles of bar molding that are bold with a bigger lip to give the bar tops a sense of character. Also, use the same style of molding on a smaller scale for the cabinetry behind the bar. This will draw attention to every aspect of the bar while giving it a clean and consistent look.

Think of crown molding the way you might think of framing a painting. When you look at all of the aspects of the bar you want it to look consistent and well put together. For that reason choose the bar molding first and decide where the molding will go. Then choose your bar accessories accordingly. This will guarantee the color, shape, and finish of everything will be well defined and stand on its own merits. While every aspect of the bar should be ornate and beautiful the entirety of the bar will only be as beautiful as the sum of its beautiful parts.

A well designed bar with carefully chosen elements will truly reflect your individual style and taste. Bar molding is a splendid way to achieve a spectacular overall look. Use repetition, texture, scale, and color specifically in regards to bar molding to make even the most utilitarian bar interesting and personalized.

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