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African Mahogany Veneer Quartered 10 mil Veneer Paper Back

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African Mahogany VeneerRino's Woodworking has a limited supply of high quality Quartered African Mahogany 10 mil Veneer paper back. The all natural wood veneer sheets are now available to buy online or by calling us anytime.

Hobbyists and furniture makers alike will appreciate this pre-sanded, quarter cut veneer that's flexible and consistent in color and grain which makes it perfect for many high end applications.

Mahogany veneer is perfect for furniture, shelves, and counters where it's beautiful grain will improve the look of the surface. Our quartered mahogany veneer is top quality African Mahogany which is native to tropical Africa and Madagascar and only available for a limited time in our shop.

African Mahogany Veneer Detail

Mahogany has a reddish brown color and very straight grain, free of imperfections that will slowly darken over time, and will have a distinct redish sheen when polished.

Rino's Woodworking stocks a variety of Hardwood Veneer but this selection of african hardwood veneer sheets is limited. This is a rare find and won't last long. If you're interested please contact us or place your order online before our supply runs out. When it's gone, it's gone.
If you have additional questions or special requirements please feel free to contact us anytime.


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