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Whether you realize it or not, the bar rail you choose can make a big difference in the final look of your home bar. Whether you have been out to public bars or spent some time at home bars of friends or family members, you may have not even noticed the bar rail. Yet for the overall look and functionality of the bar, the rail is actually quite important to completing everything.

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As part of the bar molding you will be choosing, the bar rail is important for several reasons. For one thing, the rail is where your visitors will rest their arms while they are seated. Secondly, the rail is crucial to helping contain any spills you may have. Finally, this added touch is what makes a home bar look and feel like a real pub.

Things to Consider When Making Your Choice

You will be surprised when it comes time to decide on your bar molding and you realize even the choice for your bar rail is crucial. You may be even more surprised when you find just how many styles Rino’s Woodworking Shop, Inc. offers you. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed when you can simply give some thought to what goes into helping you make the right choice for your bar.

You will need to think about some things:

  • The overall look and feel of your home bar. Obviously your rail will match as far as wood and finish, but you should also make sure it matches the look and feel you are trying to create. If chosen correctly, you can also get a contrasting color to help your bar stand out.
  • The intention of the bar. What you choose for a pub feel as opposed to a bar with an eatery is totally different. In other words, if you intend to have a place for your guests to linger for a long time while grabbing a bite to eat, you will need a different rail than one for visitors who will simply enjoy a drink or two and be on their way.
  • Give some thought to the rail corners. Yes, even the corner edging of your bar rails requires a little thought. Although a mitered corner is the easiest, it also leaves sharp corners many home bar owners could do without. The radius corner leaves a softer, rounded corner for your home bar and the final look you create. Of course you may considering a rounded bar, which would eliminate corners.
  • Although you can create a look that doesn’t utilize bar rails, this does tend to leave you at a higher risk for messy spills and may not be as comfortable and inviting for some guests. You can create a modern look, though, with or without the inclusion of rails.

Other Things to Know

As you get ready to make some decisions concerning bar rails there are a few other things you should keep in mind. One of the main things to make a choice about concerns the type of wood you select for your bar molding. At Rino’s Woodworking Shop, Inc. we currently offer bar rails in the following fine wood choices:bar rail

The bottom line is that you will have to make choices about the overall, completed look of your bar in the end. The items you choose to create a classic Irish pub will be entirely different than those used for the look of a sleek South Beach Miami nightclub.

Get creative and consider mixing materials such as granite bar tops with wooden bar moldings or brass rails with wooden bar tops. You can mix different wood types or finishes. It may even be something as subtle as a slightly lighter shade of Cherry for your bar top with darker rails.

Installation & Other FAQs

Finally, it is time to take a look at some of the questions those who are building home bars often wonder about when it comes to rails and other moldings for the bar.

  • Is installing the bar railing difficult? Luckily, this part of the bar is one of the easiest to install, especially as you are working with a single piece of wood. The important part is to get the placement correct to create the downward slant and create a comfortable and natural place to act as an arm rest. Of course you also want to be sure there is enough of a lip or edging to help contain spills should the need arise.
  • How do I choose what type of bar to have so I can decide on corners and rails? Aside from the look you are hoping to create, you will have to consider the amount of space you have. This will help determine what shape the bar could or should be so it will fit into the space you have. Your budget may also be a deciding factor on some of the choices you make when it comes time to choose your materials.
  • What about the cost? Of course much of this depends on the wood you are considering and the amount you need. Corners may also run you more money based on how many you need and what type you want. Your best bet is to get a comparison for different prices based upon the wood selections you are considering, and this will give you an idea of which style you may want to choose. The bottom line should come down to making the choices you want to complete the look you want for your in home bar.

Rino’s is the Right Choice for Your Bar Rail

When it comes time to place your order for bar rails and other wood molding for your bar, you need to know you can rely on the experts to help you get the job done. If you have questions or want to get prices for a custom bar rail, all you have to do is give Rino’s Woodworking Shop, Inc. a call.


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