Installing a Bar Rail

The process of installing a bar rail requires skill and effort. The task of putting one up with the help of do it yourself guides can make it much easier for those who do not have any carpentry skills. This will give you the basics of how to put your rails up. By following these directions, you’ll have them up in no time.

Here is a list of tools that you’ll need for the job.

  • bar railMeasuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Electric drill
  • Sand paper
  • Electric saw

Here are the necessary steps in completing your bar rail installation.

  • Rails – In your search to build the perfect bar, you’ll need the perfect rails to go with it. Find a bar rail to match your personality. They come in a variety of metals and woods, or there are also some that come padded.
  • Measure – Measure the counter top. You’ll want to get an exact measurement. You can leave the rail with some overhang on each side as they will require a rail cap to be placed on the ends. After capping the ends, you will need to have them bracketed directly below the counter.
  • Brackets – You can place the brackets a few inches below the counter top. By doing this, you can place the rails to fit directly along the bar.
  • Sawing the rails – A saw will be required to cut through the metal or wood giving it a clean cut to place inside the rail caps. Also, sandpaper can be utilized in this process. This can even out any raw edges.
  • Rail ends – The ends of each bar rail need a connector piece to fit with the others. Connector pieces have the option of bending around to fit the other rails or they can be squared off. The choice is up to you.
  • Screwing the connections together – You can use a screwdriver or drill to secure the screws into the bar rails. You will want them as tight as possible as they are somewhat heavy in weight, and you do not want them to become loose.
  • Polish – The very last step in this process, before getting able to enjoy a drink, is to polish your bar rails. There are polishes available to clean various metals. These polishes can be bought at any home improvement retailer. You’ll want to clean off any markings or smudges for a clean look to your rails.

The process for installing bar foot rails is the same, but remember that you’re installing a piece that your feet will rest on and it may take more pressure. For that reason you are going to need foot brackets that secure the bar rails. Place the rails a few inches from the ground so they will be elevated for your comfort.

The tools mentioned above perform basic operations. When cutting through metals, you will need a blade for your saw that can cut through thicker materials. Always remember to protect yourself by wearing goggles and gloves before using any power tools.

Through these general directions, you’ve completed your bar and can now enjoy it.


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