Choosing the Right Bar Rail

You’re thinking about building the ultimate bar in your home to accent your man cave. Besides picking what wood to use and size of the bar, you may also want to start thinking about what bar rails would look best on it. There are so many custom bar rails to choose from. Here are some examples of ones that may interest you.

  • Brass – Give your bar a classy look with a brass bar rail. They are sturdy and long lasting. Brass rails are the most popular type of rail and very decorative. Brass rails are available in several types of finishes as well.
    Brushed Brass – This type gives the brass a matte finish. It is less prone to smearing and will give your bar an old fashioned appearance.
    Polished Brass – Polished brass gives a rail a nice clean look. It will add an extra sense of style to your bar.
  • Steel – Steel gives any bar a mirror like quality. It is easy to keep clean and will give a bar an industrious look. These are also available in polished and brushed options.
  • Wood – Wood bar rails are a great asset to any bar. They are easy to install and care for. They come in a large selection of varieties. Here are some of the most popular kinds; both finished and unfinished options are popular.
    • Maple
    • Cherry
    • Walnut
    • Mahogany
  • Padded rails – A great option for elbow leaning and comfort, the padded rail provides you with less maintenance. They can be padded with leather or vinyl. You can purchase these rails in simple black or red options or have them customized with designs.

bar railAs bar rails are basically the finishing touch for a bar, there are also bar foot rails that serve the same purpose except they can be a place to rest your feet from a long day of standing.

These rail types can be purchased separately. They are available in the same styles and finishes as top bar rails. They will complete any bar and give you the look that you’re going for. Bar foot rails can be purchased at our online store or at our local Rino’s Woodworking Supply store.

When installing a bar rail, remember that you’ll also need end caps and brackets to secure the rails. Polishes are also available to you as well. They are made to clean your metal rails with as they will leave a gleaming shine to your rails while leaving behind a refreshing scent. Polishing kits are also offered for those rails requiring a constant shine.

There are other metals and finishes that are available, but the above mentioned are the most popular types. Building your own bar from scratch leaves you with many options for rail types, finishes and size. But the process can be a fun project with the right materials. You’ll be hosting parties before you know it with your new bar and be the envy of all your friends.

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